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K. Köpp, J. Achtmann, J. Gebauer: Saitenherstellung in Markneukirchen und im Vogtland
K. Köpp, J. Achtmann, J. Gebauer: Saitenherstellung in Markneukirchen und im Vogtland

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We are a wholesale company selling strings,
accessories and software for violin shops, as well as
reference books on violin making. Violin shops can
request our complete price list.

This website is dedicated only to the reference books which we offer.

You can contact us by e-mail, phone or fax:

Phone:    + 49   2402   126540
Fax:         +49   2402   12654-29

Director:                Ulrich Holfter
Office manager:      Kristin Hager, Karin Stein

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01.VDG: Albert Nürnberger Ausstellung Leipzig 2013
02.VDG: H.R. Pfretzschner Ausstellung Markneukirchen 2010
03.Ludwig Bausch 1805-1871, Broßmeister des deutschen Bogenbaus
04.B. Millant, J.F. Raffin: L' Archet
05.VDG ausstellung Markneukirchen 2010, H.R. Pfretzschner
06.J.B. Vuillaume Bögen - Ausstellungskatalog Musicora 1998
07.VSA: The German Bow - A Study Exhibit of German Bow Making
08.R. Hopfner: Franz Geissenhof und seine Zeit
09.A. Fuchs Taxe der Streichinstrumente17. edition 2017
10.John Stagg: Bow Making and Repair
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